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Major Infrastructure Projects in Cotabato City, 100% Completed.

P3020806More than 70 Million Pesos worth of infrastructure projects in Cotabato City has already been finished as per latest report from the City Engineering Office.

These projects include road construction and rehabilitiation, bridge rehabilitation, building construction and renovation.

Some of these projects like the Tantawan Site Development, renovation of Day Care Centers, rehabilitation of the City Central Arcade, and the renovation of the City Plaza have started since 2011 and this year, all of these are already 100% completed.

Most of the funds used in implementing the city's infrastructure projects came from local funds and are incorporated in the Annual Development Plan and some of them were made possible because of the help of the incentives the city has received because of the awards it has received such as the Seal of Good Housekeeping Award.

P3020836Mayor Japal J. Guiani, Jr. said the recognitions that the city has received in the past years not only made a big impact in the economy of the city but also helped rehabilitating some of the city streets.

"The incentives from the two Seal of Good Housekeeping Awards were all intended in rehabilitating some of our infrastructure projects. This is why we strive in transparency and good governance. We want Cotabato City to be more progressive and beautiful", Guiani said.

Flood control projects like the maintenance and sanitation of our drainage system are also regulary implemented. Another priority project is the disaster relief and response wherein the city government has purchased rescue boats and is currently constructing the permanent evacuation center.

Another major project is the construction of the Double A Halal Slaughterhouse that was already completed in April. This project was funded by the National Meat Inspection Service with counterpart from the local government.

As of today, the concreting of farm-to-market roads in Barangays Tamontaka 3, 4, and 5 is one of the major projects that are still ongoing. Mayor Guiani said, this is one of his priorities for the year 2014 and 2015 in order for the constituents from these far-flung barangays to conveniently go to the downtown area of the city.

In the previous years, these barangays suffered from rough roads and were perennially getting flooded during heavy rainfall.

"We still have more infrastructure projects to be implemented this year. We aim to finish all the ongoing projects and hopefully, begin new ones with the help of our partners from the line agencies", Mayor Guiani added







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